Thomas Wojtas, Director of Facilities Management

Thomas Wojtas

Tom Wojtas joined the Ludwig and Company regional management team in 2010. Tom brings to Ludwig and Company over 20 years of multi-family housing property maintenance and project management experience.  Prior to joining the Ludwig and Company management team, Tom directed projects with budgets of more than $30 million, including the complete renovation of a historic 22-story, high-rise building on the Gold Coast of Chicago. Along with Tom’s extensive experience in new construction lease-ups, acquisitions, and property conversions, Tom brings to Ludwig an excellent understanding of efficient day-to-day maintenance procedures.  Additionally, Tom holds certifications in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and swimming pool maintenance.

Tom’s responsibilities include oversight of the daily maintenance operations throughout our portfolio, weekly property inspections, preparation and review of operational budgeted costs, and endorsement of the selection of outside vendors. Tom also identifies the capital needs of each development and initiates, manages, and supervises all capital projects.  Additionally, Tom hires, supervises, and evaluates the performance of our maintenance personnel. He coordinates continuing education and training programs to keep our maintenance team up to date and well informed.

On new projects, Tom acts as a liaison between construction companies, owners, and management. He attends construction meetings to offer his input on building amenities and construction details that are important to our residents and will facilitate efficient management of the project. Tom coordinates the opening of a new project with his maintenance team according to the timelines submitted by the construction company and the issuance of the certificates of occupancy from city inspectors.  He works with the property manager, leasing, and maintenance staffs of a newly leased up property to develop an efficient move-in plan for new residents.  After the project is completed, Tom continues to work with the construction company to create a punch list of items that need to be completed and to coordinate any necessary warranty work.

Tom is also our point person in preparing for all government and financial institution physical inspections, including REAC inspections.  He temporarily assigns a team of maintenance technicians that normally work at other developments throughout the portfolio to the development about to undergo a REAC inspection. This team is assigned a punch list of items that need to be completed in preparation for the upcoming inspection.  On the day of the inspection, Tom accompanies the inspector as he tours the property and is available to provide any needed information.  After the inspection, Tom remedies any issues noted and formally responds to any correspondence related to the inspection.

Keeping our portfolio in good repair and maintaining curb appeal is key to achieving our goal of preserving and increasing the value of our clients’ assets.  Tom works diligently to assure that all of our properties remain desirable, attractive and safe homes for our residents as well as high performing investments for our clients.


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