Rosemary Wellington, Director of Compliance

Rosemary Wellington

Rosemary Wellington, Senior Director of Compliance

Rosemary Wellington earned an Associate Degree in Theology, and in 2002, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.  Rosemary holds the following industry certifications: IREM Certified Property Manager (CPM), IREM Accredited Residential Manager (ARM), Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS), and Illinois Office of Banks and Real Estate Licensed Broker.

Rosemary has worked in the property management industry for over 30 years.   She has managed several communities including commercial properties, and market rate, Class 9, Section 8, and Section 42 residential rental developments.

Rosemary began her career with Ludwig and Company in 1999 when she was hired as property manager for the company’s Section 42 Low Income Tax Credit property, Carriage Creek Apartments, a 226-unit property located in Richton Park.

During 2004, it became evident to the Executive Board that the majority of the company’s new business and recent growth was attributable to contracts to manage new construction and renovated Section 42 Tax Credit developments.  The Executive Board decided to hire an in-house Compliance Director to put into place and review resident certification procedures and file documentation throughout the Section 42 and Section 8 portfolio.  This in-house position greatly reduced the properties’ cost of contracting with outside compliance consultants to review resident files and compliance procedures.  Upon filling the position of in house Compliance Director, all of the Section 8 and Section 42 developments now shared the services of an in-house expert who was instantly accessible and consistently onsite.

Rosemary was promoted to the Director of Compliance in 2004 due to her vast experience and success in implementing and monitoring the Section 42 and Section 8 programs before and during her tenure at Ludwig and Company, and her diligence and enthusiasm for attending classes and seminars to further her expertise.

She has set up resident certification procedures and standardized resident lease files throughout the Section 8 and 42 portfolio.  She trains all onsite staff in these procedures and reviews their work on a weekly basis.  Rosemary is also responsible for all government reporting required by the Section 8 and 42 programs.  She attends all onsite government file and property inspections and acts as a liaison between government agency representatives and our developments to assure that all requirements are met.

Rosemary works with the onsite managers to verify that all resident and leasing information entered into the onsite computer system is correct and meets the compliance requirements of the property.  She oversees both the project and voucher Section 8 programs in place at each property.

Additionally, Rosemary prepares all of the initial documentation for new properties necessary to obtain final government approval such as management and marketing plans, previous participation reports, and management certification.  Rosemary has a key role in implementing a lease-up plan that conforms to the income limit and unit mix for all new Section 8 and 42 properties.  She assures that a new property lease up is performed efficiently and timely within the deadlines stipulated in the contract.

Rosemary‘s role is key to the success of Ludwig and Company, providing our clients with the peace of mind that all compliance requirements are being met and are well documented.  Our clients draw on her vast experience in effectively managing the compliance and reporting requirements at their property.


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