Richard Goldstein, Vice President of Operations

Richard Goldstein

Richard Goldstein graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree from DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois and subsequently earned a J.D. degree at ITT Chicago Kent Law School.

Richard joined Ludwig and Company in 1988 as Vice President of Operations.  Richard monitors directly the day-to-day operations of Ludwig and Company’s luxury, market rate, and affordable properties with the assistance of our Regional Directors of compliance, maintenance, and property accounting.  Richard believes in a hands-on approach to managing the Ludwig and Company portfolio through frequent onsite visits and continuous one-on-one communications with the onsite managers and maintenance professionals.

Additionally, Richard oversees all capital projects, and negotiates all major vendor contracts with the assistance of the Director of Maintenance.  Due to the size and geographic concentration of our portfolio, Richard is able to offer our clients many opportunities to share in economies of scale regarding vendor pricing for materials and services.

Richard has served as an officer or board member of the Chicagoland Apartment Association for more than 25 years.  Acting in this capacity, Richard has enjoyed many networking opportunities with industry leaders, lenders, syndicators, developers, and government agency representatives.  Through networking with these property management professionals, Richard has kept current on new and existing housing laws, regulations, and issues shared throughout the industry and is afforded an opportunity to work proactively on making policy that supports the success of the assets in our portfolio.

Richard works directly with new and existing clients sharing his expertise on industry standards, marketing techniques and programs, proper budgeting and forecasting, and capital need assessment for each apartment community.  Richard meets and communicates directly with our clients on an ongoing basis regarding the monthly financial statements, specific goals, progress, and current status of their asset.

Our clients look to Richard for analysis and advice regarding new and existing properties based on his  proven successful track record and his 25 plus years of property management and development experience.


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