Donna Martorano, CPA, Chief Financial / Operating Officer

Donna Nilson

Donna Martorano, CPA
Chief Financial / Operating Officer

Donna Martorano graduated from Elmhurst College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting in 1988.  She was admitted to the American Institute of Certified Accountants in 1989. Donna began her career in public accounting as an associate of Katch, Tyson and Company, a public accounting firm located in Northfield, Illinois.  In this capacity, Donna worked with clients, performing various accounting services including compilations, reviews, audits, and tax preparation.  Donna also assisted clients in setting up accounting controls and procedures within their companies to assure efficient and accurate accounting records.

Donna joined Ludwig and Company as Controller in 1992.  Subsequently, she was named Chief Financial Officer and joined the Executive Board.  Donna manages and directs all financial operations, including cash management, financial statement preparation and reporting, audit coordination, budgeting, systems support, new property conversion, and human resources.

Over the past 20 plus years, Donna has actively contributed to the success and growth of Ludwig and Company by applying her financial reporting expertise to the business.  She has set and adjusted policies throughout the company in order to assure the proper recordkeeping and asset safeguards.

Donna works directly with new clients in providing due diligence documentation required by government agencies, closing agents, banks, syndicators, and asset managers.  Donna and her professional accounting staff work closely with our clients in providing the proper documentation for purchase and refinance closings.

Donna has also set up standardized accounting and recordkeeping procedures for the professional accounting and support staffs to follow.  The same degree of detailed information is included in the monthly financial statements and reports for each development regardless of the size and type of residential community it is.  Upon request, our accountants also work with clients to provide any type of reports or information that may not be included in the standardized financial package.

Due to meticulous recordkeeping and financial reporting on a monthly basis, our clients have a recent and accurate snapshot of the status of their asset at their fingertips.  Budgets are prepared annually for each property following the same standardized procedures and format. Additionally, at year end, due to our accurate and complete accounting records, outside auditors are able to complete their fieldwork seamlessly and without delay or complication.


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