Green Initiatives

Our Focus on Building Green and Living Green

The fight against global warming and depletion of our natural resources has been embraced by the housing industry. Ludwig and Company shares this dedication to do everything we can to make properties we develop and manage as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Our green building efforts encompass everything from the use of eco-friendly construction materials, recycling, and water and air quality controls to solar energy and conservation techniques.

Many of Ludwig and Company apartment communities are certified under the Illinois Housing Development Authority’s Green Housing Initiative. Both owners/developers and residents can feel confident in our energy-saving building practices and interiors that include:

  • GE Energy Star rated appliances
  • Building roof designed with 50% green and 50% Energy Star materials for a cooler, dryer surface
  • Supplemental solar domestic hot water systems on rooves, delivering 50% of the building’s hot water needs
  • Effective insulation on all exterior walls and rooves to promote energy efficiency
  • Permeable pavers in the parking areas for effective water drainage
  • Solar powered lighting
  • Water efficient rain sensor irrigation systems
  • Zones common areas with multiple thermostats for greater individual control and energy conservation
  • Energy efficient flourescent lighting
  • Recycling bins located at all trash collection sites
  • Regular maintenance to clean and replace air conditioning filters for optimum performance

Within apartments, we utilize energy savings techniques such as:

  • Lavatory and kitchen sink faucets that are fitted with an aerator, restricting water flow to 1.5 gallons per minute
  • Water saving tub and shower heads
  • Apartment carpet that is certified Green Label Plus
  • Apartment vinyl flooring and base covers that are 20% recycled content and certified for indoor air quality
  • Blinds on all windows to moderate exterior sunlight
  • Sound control insulation between units

We invite our clients and residents to join with us in maintaining the most energy efficient environments we can operate.