Section 8 Subsidized Housing

Ludwig and Company has extensive experience in managing Section 8 Subsidy Housing Communities. Almost half of our portfolio includes units rented under Section 8 Subsidy programs, either project based or Housing Choice vouchers. We are experts in maintaining and managing property wait lists, certifying and recertifying the income of our residents, and operating and maintaining safe, desirable housing for our residents. Ludwig and Company also has vast experience in coordinating voucher subsidies with local, county and state housing authorities.

The Ludwig and Company Compliance Team utilizes a standard file maintenance system to assure that all rental and income certification documentation is readily accessible and in an organized state for our on-site staff and government agency and financial institution inspectors. Our Compliance Team performs monthly in-house file inspections, and assists the on-site management staff in preparing for government agency and financial institution inspections. On-site staff are also trained by the Compliance Team to use the government’s Earned Income Verification System (EIV), to verify the financial information provided by residents as being accurate and current. The Compliance Team assures that all resident financial information is recertified annually as required by HUD, and that rents are adjusted accordingly.

A Compliance Team member is present at all government and financial institution inspections to assist the property manager in answering any questions that the inspector may have and to assure a smooth process for the inspector. The Compliance Team member will also be the point of contact for the inspector to clear any open items found during the inspection. All necessary documentation and correspondence required by the inspector will be provided by the Compliance Team member on behalf of the property.

Rosemary Wellington, Ludwig and Company’s Director of Compliance, will respond on behalf of the property directly to any government agency, to fulfill requests for official reports, updated forms, or other needed information. Over the years, Rosemary has developed a good rapport with many of the HUD and state agency representatives. She is highly regarded throughout the industry for her expertise and professionalism.

In addition to the Compliance Team, Ludwig and Company also coordinates a REAC Inspection Team to prepare for any upcoming REAC Inspections. The REAC Inspection Team is headed up by Tom Wojtas, our Director of Facilities Management. Tom temporarily assigns a team of 3-6 senior maintenance professionals to a sister property to aid the property’s on-site maintenance staff in preparing for an upcoming REAC inspection. To prepare for a REAC Inspection, an official pre-inspection is performed by the REAC Team several months before the REAC Inspection date. A checklist of necessary repairs is formulated. A budget for the necessary repairs is submitted to ownership. Upon budget approval, a timeline for the REAC Team to complete these repairs is then devised. Because of this intense preparation, we have obtained very high REAC scores throughout the portfolio.