Facilities Management

The Ludwig and Company Facilities Management Team oversees all aspects of building and grounds maintenance, repairs, and special projects.  Tom Wojtas, our Director of Facilities Management, works with our clients, architects, builders, construction companies, vendors, insurance companies and other interested parties to assure that our properties are in good repair, maintain curb appeal, and that all special projects progress efficiently with minimum disruption to operations and our residents.

On new projects, the Facilities Management Team acts as a liaison between construction companies, owners, and management. Members of the team attend construction meetings to offer input on building amenities and construction details that are important to our residents and will facilitate efficient management of the project. The Facilities Management Team coordinates the opening of a new project by hiring and providing the necessary training to the right on-site maintenance staff, well before the certificates of occupancy are awarded.  The team also works with the property manager and leasing staff to develop an efficient move-in plan for new residents.  After the project is completed, the team continues to work with the construction company by creating a punch list of items that need to be addressed and to coordinate any necessary warranty work.

Our Facilities Management Team supervises and directs the on-site maintenance staff to assure that all day to day maintenance issues are addressed throughout our portfolio.  In addition, the team performs weekly property inspections, assists in the preparation of and monitors spending according to the Annual Budget, and selects and evaluates the work of outside vendors. The team also identifies the needs of each development and initiates, manages and supervises all capital projects.

The Facilities Management Team also heads up the preparation for all government and financial institution physical inspections including REAC inspections.  Tom Wojtas and his assistants work closely with a team of maintenance technicians temporarily assigned to the development about to undergo a REAC inspection   The REAC team is assigned punch list items that need to be completed in preparation for the upcoming inspection.  On the day of the inspection, Mr. Wojtas accompanies the inspector as he observes the property, and is available to provide any needed information.  After the inspection, Tom remedies any issues noted and formally responds to any correspondence related to the inspection.

Keeping our portfolio in good repair and maintaining curb appeal is key to achieving our goal of preserving and increasing the value of our clients’ assets.  Our Facilities Management Team works diligently to assure that all of our properties remain desirable, attractive and safe homes for our residents as well as high performing investments for our clients.