Client Services

Your Success Drives Our Success

Ludwig and Company takes great pride in all of our communities and will manage your asset as if it were our own. We deliver consistent, expert services related to all areas of operations, compliance, financial reporting, and maintenance.

Expertise in Compliance

Ludwig and Company’s Compliance Department has vast experience in leasing up and managing the documentation and reporting requirements of tax credit and government subsidized properties.  We have systems and procedures in place to safeguard our clients’ tax credits, which, in turn, safeguards and protects our clients’ assets.  We assure our clients that residents are properly certified.  Documentation is neatly organized and easily accessible for lease file inspections performed by government agencies, investors, and syndicators.  Government reporting is completed timely and accurately.  We are in constant communication with our developments’ assigned government representatives to assure that nothing falls through the cracks or is misinterpreted.

Meticulous Financial Management

Ludwig and Company maintains impeccable policies and procedures to ensure that our financial management and documentation meets the highest standards for accounting management. Standardized accounting procedures have been set up for each of our developments in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Our monthly financial reporting mirrors that of a public accounting firm in accuracy and presentation.  Our systems for collection and recording of rents and vendor payments are unmatched. Clients can be confident that the monthly financial reports are correct and properly represent the current financial position of their asset.  We also take great pride in providing complete and meticulously kept financial records to outside auditors at year end to minimize the cost of the audit and the completion timeline.

A Continuous Emphasis on Maintenance

Maintenance is the linchpin to maintaining an asset’s value. That’s why all major maintenance projects and capital improvements for Ludwig and Company properties are supervised by our Director of Maintenance. In addition to this oversight, he contributes to the budgeting process for each community by suggesting needed projects for the upcoming year.  He gathers bids and provides the Executive Board and our clients with alternatives regarding needed repairs and capital improvements.   With extensive experience with REAC inspections, our Director of Maintenance is also responsible for identifying and implementing plans to complete the repairs and improvements necessary to earn an above average REAC inspection score at each of our properties participating in government programs.  Many times this includes temporarily staffing up for this work by using maintenance employees from our other properties.  We also ensure that a maintenance lens is applied in the earliest stages of each new project to strengthen building systems and designs. One way we accomplish this objective is by having the Director of Maintenance participate with the construction team throughout the construction phase, offering our clients an added, professional perspective on the construction and ongoing preservation of their asset.